Savannah Fox Enjoys Extreme Lesbian Anal With Ella Nova Over at Everything Butt

November 21, 2017 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

Big Gapes Ahead!

Unsuspecting vanilla business lady Ella Nova's car breaks down near perverted bar owner Savannah Fox's establishment in their new scene together over at Kink's Everything Butt website. It turns out that Fox desires to have some anal fun with sweet Nova and Nova finds herself bound and gagged with her asshole up for all kinds of opening up.

Nova might not actually be the anal novice that Fox thinks she might be as Nova takes big toy after big toy right on up her stretchy butt in this very, very impressive scene. Anal fisting? No problem! Nova is totally up for having Fox's hand inside of her. The speculum is handy at showing just how open Nova's asshole is. Wow, Nova's butt is super accommodating. Fox also shows her own anal prowess here and uses the speculum to give us all an inside look at her insides.

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