Is Your Top Uncomfortable, Anastasiia Poranko?

December 2, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Anastasiia Poranko Should Just Take Her Shirt Off

There is probably nothing worse than wearing something that is uncomfortable. Whether your sweater is too itchy or your pants are too tight, being uncomfortable in your clothes can turn the nicest person into the world's biggest grump. So, I have to ask, is your shirt uncomfortable, Anastasiia Poranko? Why don't you just take your shirt off, Anastasiia Poranko?

She keeps pulling and yanking and rolling around in this top and I can't help but think she doesn't want to have it on. I have no idea why the photographer (or anyone really) would make Anastasiia Poranko keep a shirt on that makes her uncomfortable. I mean, Anastasiia Poranko has some awesome breasts, that's clear to see. She's pulling that shirt in all different directions, giving us peeks and glimpses at her amazing boobs. It just seems like a problem that is easily solvable. Anastasiia Poranko should just take off that uncomfortable shirt and let her amazing boobs be happy. There's no reason for Anastasiia Poranko and her great boobs to uncomfortable.

I know we all do some uncomfortable things for work, but we should never be put in a situation where keeping great boobs under wraps is acceptable. I do hope the next time we see Anastasiia Poranko she's wearing something that makes her feel great. Or she's wearing nothing at all.

photos via Frederico Venuda

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