A Topless Yaoyao Looks Awesome in any Color

December 3, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Everyone Should Know Yaoyao Always Has Awesome Boobs

One would think that everyone would already know that if Yaoyao is topless, it doesn't matter what color light you shine on her - it's going to look awesome. She has a great pair of boobs whether they are under red light or blue light or no light at all. Yet, it seems like some people out there still want to know if Yaoyao's breasts always look great. And the answer is yes.

Well, I guess that's the point of science, right? You don't just do things once, you have to try stuff over and over and over again. And honestly, is there any better science than the science of Yaoyao being topless under different colored lights? Really, that's what science is missing. There aren't enough experiments based on Yaoyao being nude. Look, Yaoyao topless could be a great variable in any experiment. You can be doing something one way, then try it the opposite way, and then do something while staring at Yaoyao's awesome nude body. Not only will it help with breakthroughs, it's also a great working environment. Nothing says "do your best work" like a topless Yaoyao.

Sure, I know this may just be a photographer playing around with light, but that doesn't make a ton of sense to me. Yaoyao has a beautiful body, that's clear. You don't need to shine colored lights on it to make it look hotter, you have to be searching for something deeper.

photos by Borja Alvarez

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