Only in Florida: This Week in Public Nudity

March 10, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by jack-blackbush

Another Week, Another Bunch of Wangs In Public

In my column Only in Florida, I'll be taking you down to the Sunshine State for the latest and greatest sex stories that can only be found in the craziest state in the union.

Once again we find ourselves looking at the sunshine state and wondering what the deal is with all the people getting nude in public? We all know that climate change is making the planet warmer, but does that mean it's so warm we need to go around in our birthday suits? I guess there could be other factors in the causes for these people to get nude, but we'll never know for sure.

Trying On Some New Clothes

40-year-old Florida resident Joseph Vaglica broke into a woman's house, stripped naked, and went into her bedroom to try on some of her clothes. When police arrived he was rolling around in the grass.

via Tampa Bay Times

The Lord Is With You

Florida resident Terry Wayne Brothers was exposing himself to the people in a Lowe's parking lot, but there's a twist! While Mr. Brothers was showing off his junk he was also proclaiming to be Jesus Christ. No word if there is to a be a DNA test to confirm this.


How About This Package

Thomas Patrick Spencer, a Florida resident, seemed to have a fondness for this local United States Postal Carrier as he followed her on her route. He proceeded to drive up beside her and masturbate. And to show is ever-lasting love, he did a U-turn and flashed his package at her.

via Sebastian Dailey

Oh, Florida, what's up with all the nudity?

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