Rihanna as a Magical Stripper? Yes, Please

November 15, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Rihanna's Sexy Stripper Needs Her Own Movie

Whenever the trailer came on for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, I was never really able to get an idea of what the movie was about. Sure, the trailer shouldn't tell you everything, but it should give you some hints. But now I know that movie includes a scene with Rihanna as some kind of magical stripper and I'm kind of upset that wasn't in the trailer.

Honestly, this is now the only reason to see this movie. I don't care what it's about - in my mind, it's about Rihanna putting on one of the sexiest dance numbers ever put on film. I really hope they come out with an extended cut that's just 45 minutes to an hour of added sexy Rihanna dancing. Oh hell, just make a spin-off movie for her character. It can be an origin movie where Rihanna learns she can dance, comes up with the sexy routine, tries on all the different outfits. I'm telling you, this will be a box office hit! I'm already getting exciting thinking about all the possibilities for the magical stripper Rihanna movie.

The producers and the studio behind this film really screwed the goose on this one. If they wanted people to come see their space movie, then they should have shown Rihanna being all sexy in the trailer. Though, there might have been some disappointment when we learned she wasn't the focus of the movie.

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