Alison Brie Just Cranked Up the Hotness

November 14, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

And There's More Alison Brie Hotness to Come!

For a moment, a brief moment, I didn't believe I was staring at Alison Brie. And believe me, I've stared at Alison Brie on many, many different occasions for very, very long periods of time. I'm pretty sure I could describe Alison Brie to sketch artist and the drawing would come out perfect. But Alison Brie has cranked up that hotness to a whole new level with this pic on this cover.

One might believe that Alison Brie is out to become the sexiest woman on the planet - some kind of world domination. And let's be honest, we would all totally fall in line if Alison Brie asked us. You don't say no to a woman that hot, not now, not ever. Seriously, I'm still kind of baffled that this Alison Brie. The crazy thing is, this is just the cover photo, there are more photos to come. Are they all going to be this hot? Will all confuse the senses? Is Alison Brie going to hit peak hotness? Okay, okay, okay, let's take a moment and step back. My heart is racing and my head is pounding, there is too much Alison Brie hotness right now.... breath in... breath out... Okay, everything is back to normal. Well, except for this way too hot Alison Brie.

Normally when only one picture comes across my desk I get pretty upset, this time I'm thankful. We are all going to need to get ready for the rest of these Alison Brie over the top hot pics. They are going to be something else.

via Women's Health

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