Not Even Rain Can Stop Hailey Baldwin's Hotness

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Rain Might Make Hailey Baldwin Even Sexier

There are some days I roll over to see the rain pounding against my bedroom wind and the last thing I want to do is get out of bed. No doubt, you've been in a similar situation with some kind of weather making it seem impossible to do anything other than roll over and skip today. But there are forces out there stronger than weather, they can't be stopped by a little rain. The best example of this: Hailey Baldwin. Nothing is going to keep her hotness down.

In fact, one could say that the rain makes Hailey Baldwin even sexier. There's something about the double wetness that makes her seem super hot. The water from the ocean, the water from the sky, beading up on her skin... yeah, that's pretty special. Throw in the whole element of danger (you shouldn't swim in the rain), and this might be the sexiest Hailey Baldwin moment we've ever witnessed. And, of course, that hint of a tan line... that just cranks Hailey Baldwin's hotness up to 11. There's so much hotness going on in this one Instagram post it's hard to process with just one viewing. Do yourself a favor, stare for a bit, go away, and then come to discover Hailey Baldwin hotness. 

Thank goodness Hailey Baldwin isn't like me (and possibly you). A little rain isn't going to prevent her from strapping on that bikini and looking sexy. For that, we thank you, Hailey Baldwin.

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