Fleshtunes: The Kira Noir Edition

November 8, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Rock Out With Kira!

Gorgeous porn star Kira Noir just generally rules in every porno situation and scene I have ever seen her put into. OF COURSE, her freakin' Fleshtunes are fabulous too. If you aren't her fan, become one. Now.

"Slow, Hot, and Sweaty" by JJ Grey and Mofro is the sexiest song ever without any “bad” words; it puts me in a great (and horny) mood.

"Get Some" by Ghosted almost sounds like a love song if you don’t listen to the lyrics closely and the music video is really funny.

"Hour 9,999" by Point 10 is one of my favorite chill out and smoke songs. Plus Point 10 is one of my favorite artists. (This song is not on YouTube but you can listen to Point 10's great songs here.-HK)

"Fuck It!" by DaysnDaze is a cute folk punk song that basically sums up my outlook on life.

"These Boots" by Broken Cuffs is a high energy punk ode to boots—it’s perfect to play while I’m getting ready to go to a show.

The image of Noir above is from her scene in Burning Angel's "Black Anal All-Stars". Follow Noir on Twitter to keep up with all of her very sexy porn star doings and here's what I am listening to right now. Have a great week!

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