Fleshling Talent: A Reader's Sexy CHYOA Story

November 9, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

A couple months ago, I did a post about CHYOA, an interactive erotica site that lets author collaborate on a choose-your-own-adventure sexy story, and one of our readers commented that he writes on the site himself. I would of course be remiss not to check out a Fleshlings work, so I headed back to CHYOA to give it a gander. 

Moving to Sexworld, where "an ordinary family immigrates to an alternate reality without sexual taboos," is a free use universe - a genre of erotica that makes for some of the most compelling and interesting reading around, in my humble opinion. In its purest form, it's a society where people have sex with each other whenever they want, however they want, in public or private, and most people in these societies have high enough sex drives that fucking happens, like, a dozen times or more a day. (There are some less savory definitions that denote women as free use for men, but that's not my cup of tea.) Think: a blow job from the girl behind you in the Starbucks line while you wait for your coffee or a lunchtime orgy. Most people are generally bisexual, too.  

It was fairly easy to figure out which thread our reader finished, as his username is the same (thank you for that) and it was easy to spot the ending. Let me tell you, guys - this is great reading, and a great introducing to both CHYOA and free use erotica if you're new to it. 

The story begins here, and edwards21's thread starts on chapter 3 right here. An excerpt for you: 

"The hallway of the school was almost like any other. Linoleum floors, painted drywall walls lined with ugly metal lockers, false ceiling. The biggest difference were the students filing to their classes. Most were in some state of undress, and several men and women were proudly wearing the results of their morning sexual encounters, completely unashamed. A couple of girls were standing next to an open locker, gossiping about whichever boy left copious globs of cum on one of the girls’ face. Everywhere students were arbitrarily reaching out and groping other students, normal as could be."

Relations with everyone, including teachers, is encouraged in Sexworld as well: 

“'I teach three classes a day. And I have two extracurricular sports teams I coach. That’s over a hundred students.'” She leaned in super close and whispered in Alex’s ear. “'In three weeks’ time, I’ll have had sex with each and every student in all of those classes. They’ll all fuck my pussy, my ass, my mouth, my tits, I’ll have sucked off every dick, eaten out every pussy…'”

It is fab. Now that I think about it, free use worlds are just like real-life bonobo communities here on Planet Earth. More on that later this week.

If you've dabbled in the world of CHYOA or erotica as well, let me know in the comments! I'd love to feature other amazing content from talented Fleshlings. 

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