For Halloween Beyonce Went as Sexy Beyonce

November 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Four Times the Sexy Beyonce!

Never being one of those kids who never knew what they wanted to be for Halloween, I never had to worry that I picked the wrong costume. I was always Batman, no matter what. But for some people, it must be really hard to decide. For instance, I don't know if Beyoncé Knowles couldn't decide which sexy version of Beyonce to be, so she played it safe and was four different version of sexy Beyonce.

Sure, there might be some people out there who can't understand why someone would want four different costumes for Halloween. I mean, it's one night and it doesn't make sense to leave the party to change repeatedly, but in the case of Beyonce I get it. She's sexy. She's sexy in many different ways. She's sexy in a number of different looks. So, she might as well show off all the different versions of herself. Honestly, I'm surprised it took Beyonce this long to do this. Then again, maybe she's been doing every Halloween and this is the first we are learning about it.

Sure, it might be sad to still dress up as Batman on Halloween, but it's the only time of the year I can do that no one laughs at me. As for Beyonce, she's sexy every day of the year and four times sexier on Halloween.

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