Did Deborah De Robertis' Beaver Make Mona Lisa Smile?

November 9, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

This Is Some Double Art, People

One thing I have learned about performance art is you don't have to get it. Sure, it's cool when you do, but when it involves nudity, it's totally cool if you don't get it. So, when performance artist Deborah De Robertis decided to show off her bush in front of one the greatest works of art ever, the Mona Lisa, I didn't get it, but I did enjoy it.

I guess this is Deborah De Robertis' thing; she shows off her bush or gets nude near other pieces of artwork. Though, typically the artwork she has selected before has involved nudity, this time around there was none. I mean I guess you could argue that we don't know what Mona Lisa has on under her robe or if she's even wearing anything below the waist. I don't know, I've never actually put that much thought into it. Nor have I ever thought about getting semi-nude in front of great works of art. Then again, I'm not an artist. Besides, art can make us do crazy things and when you think about it, that's kind of the point.

Whatever her reasoning, I'm glad Deborah De Robertis got to show off her work of art next another great work of art. That's double art and that's pretty cool in my book.

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