Tara Lynn Ventura Topless Is Tempting

November 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Talk About a Great Day at the Pool

If you ask me, nothing beats a warm summer day at the beach. Be it sitting on the shore watching the waves crash or having a drink by the pool, there's nothing like sun, water, and wind. The only thing that could make a summer day at the beach better is to the beach when Tara Lynn Ventura is hanging out topless.

While I'm sure this was a closed set, part of me wonders what it would be like to shuffle up to the bar at some fancy resort pool, order an overpriced drink with a funny name, and look over to see Tara Lynn Ventura topless in the pool. Odds are paramedics would need to be called because passed out and hit my head on the concrete. Still, once I recovered and got back to my sense I'd be poolside once more in the hopes of seeing Tara Lynn Ventura's boobs again. There's just something about Tara Lynn Ventura topless with the wind in hair that makes mild concussions seem totally worth it.

Odds of being at the beach the same time as a topless Tara Lynn Ventura: slim to none. Thankfully we've got this pictures and as much as I want to close my eyes and picture myself there, I don't want to stop looking at Tara Lynn Ventura topless.

photos by Brydie Mack

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