How Do You Show Off That Much Ass in a Non-Thong Bikini, Alyssa Milano?

November 3, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Alyssa Milano Does Have a Powerfully Sexy Ass

To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm seeing. I mean, I'm seeing it, my eyes are not fooling me. I do know I'm staring at a pretty sexy Instagram post of Alyssa Milano in a bikini, but it's not a thong bikini. And yet there is so much Alyssa Milano ass in full view. There are some things in this world that defy logic and right now it's Alyssa Milano's ass in this bikini.

Now, I'm not complaining one bit, I just think that this bikini is closer to, let's say, the granny panty cut than say a string and/or thong bikini bottom. So, when wearing a style that's not meant to show off that much butt, it comes as a big shock to see that much butt. And we are seeing that much Alyssa Milano butt and a bit more. Seriously, I keep double checking, I keep peaking back over at Alyssa Milano's Instagram account to make sure I'm actually seeing what I'm seeing. And yes, we are seeing that much Alyssa Milano ass.

One could make the argument that Alyssa Milano's ass is simply too hot be covered. It almost has a mind of its own and demands to be seen. At this point, nothing would surprise me about Alyssa Milano's hot ass.

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