Ireland Basinger-Baldwin Has Some "Hot" Boobs

October 31, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

If Ireland Basinger-Baldwin Wants to Be Topless, She Should Be Topless

Ahh, the double-edged sword that is Instagram. While it's wonderful to keep track of our favorite celebs, see what they are up to and what they are wearing, on the other side of the sword, you have "let's put flame emoji over Ireland Basinger-Baldwin's nipples" thing. And that's not as fun as it could be.

Look, we all love seeing Ireland Basinger-Baldwin topless, whether we are getting a full-on boob shot or a mostly full on boob shot, but if we had to pick between the two... You would think that the wonderful people at Instagram would have some kind of exception for people like Ireland Basinger-Baldwin. Besides the fact she has some fantastic boobs, she's a model and nudity kind of comes with the job. It would seem to be that if nudity is part of the job, then maybe Instagram should cut you some slack and let you show off the Ireland Basinger-Baldwin breasts. I mean, if Ireland Basinger-Baldwin has no problem showing off her boobs, why in the world would Instagram have a problem with it?

Sigh, I guess there's no real reason to get all flustered over Instagram with Ireland Basinger-Baldwin is mostly topless in front of your face. Still, Ireland Basinger-Baldwin has some great cleavage.

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