Mati Shaw Is a Sight for Sore Eyes

November 5, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

A Topless Mati Shaw Is Great for All Ailments

You know that feeling after a long day of staring at a screen or just hard work, when your eyes feel heavy and dry? When it seems like the only thing that would make them feel better is to stay closed for a day and half? That feeling. You don't need sleep or to just close your eyes, what you really need to do in those moments is stare at a topless Mati Shaw.

A topless Mati Shaw is better than any prescription eye drop available today. Believe me, I've been rubbing my eyes for the past few hours and then I got to see Mati Shaw's beautiful breasts and all of sudden my eyes perked up - they felt great. They felt better than a good night's sleep, that's how incredible a topless Mati Shaw is on sore eyes. Of course, if your vision is fine and your eyes are perfectly moist, you'll probably still enjoy staring Mati Shaw's boobs. And of course, Mati Shaw's ass is also a pretty pleasant sight.

I have the strangest feeling that a topless and/or bottomless Mati Shaw will be helpful in curing a whole bunch of ailments. I'm looking forward to staring at Mati Shaw's boobs the next time I have a headache. Maybe I'll take a quick peek at Mati Shaw's rump the next time my stomach is upset. And I bet that a topless Mati Shaw does wonders when one has the flu.

photos by Shaira Luna

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