Have You Seen Me: $60K Worth Of Sex Toys

October 26, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by jack-blackbush

How Does One Carry All Those Dildos and Butt Plugs Without Being Seen?

All right, Junior Gumshoes, it's time to put on your detective hats and look into the mystery of the disappearing dildos! The case of the bye-bye buttplugs! And the enigma of the vanishing vibrators! That's right, some evil villain or villains has stolen over $60,000 dollars worth of Fun Toy London sex toy!

While attending the Venus Berlin, one of the world's largest erotic fairs, the dastardly or very horny thieves struck, making off with quite a bit of merch. Fun Toys London to took to social media to alert the public to this heinous crime. Post on Facebook Fun Toys London stated:

While tragic, one does have to wonder if this actually is the largest sex toy theft of all history. I'm sure we all remember the Slippery Lube heist of 1908, when someone stole all the lube in New York City. Yes, I totally made that up. I wonder if Fun Toys London will accept the return of these items, even if they've been used. Fingers crossed they find the person or persons behind this crime.


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