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Get In Nick's Head!

Nick Hawk, star of the Showtime reality series "Gigolos", has written a new autobiographical self-help motivational book titled "Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks in the Ass: A Guide to Gaining Confidence and Reaching Your Full Potential" which is available through his website. If you happen to be attending Exxxotica in New Jersey this weekend, Hawk will be there for the first time conducting a seminar on the book along with taking pictures with fans and signing copies of the book. On Saturday night, he will be performing his new single which is a hot remake of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" at Transmission Lounge in Jersey City, New Jersey. Get to know this woman-pleasing man here!

What inspired you to start this self-help book?

"I totally had a 'born again experience' or some type of awakening when I was 25. It was when I moved to California to pursue the entertainment industry, and I got my first taste of it. I realized that I wasn't special, and just how lost I was. I broke down and cried for hours and hours as I let go of the fear and hate that was bestowed and programmed into my brain and heart. The tears of pain became tears of joy. I vowed from that day forward I would be the best version of myself I could be... the healthiest and happiest. I would become confident no matter what it took, and I also realized it was time to put some work in if I really wanted to be successful... and then I became a gigolo and starred on a hit TV show so even more people started coming to me for answers. They are the ones who kicked me in the ass to really dig deep."

What authors inspire you as a writer? Are there any other self-help books that you have found to be influential or just great reads?

"One of the greatest books I've ever read is, "Anatomy Of An Epidemic," by Robert Whitaker. He's one of the greatest people to walk the planet. This book made me feel more confident about my theories about how our brains work, the choices and control we have in life and it also shows how disgusting the pharmaceutical companies are. It really made me push forward, and it inspired me to knock-out a revolutionary life-changing book to help many more people evolve in this poorly constructed world. I used to be a Deepak Chopra fan until I saw him live. His boring-ass meditation inspired me to come up with a better one, and I put it in my book. I also love any Psychology magazine or publication. I'm currently taking classes towards a Psychology PhD, and I'm considering going full-time. I recently read up on a newer study that suggests free will is an illusion and we make programmed decisions before we are even aware of them. The closing statement in my book talks about this. I like to think, once we operate at our full-potential we earn free will... but we will never know."

Why do you think that a lot of men in our culture lack self-confidence? What self-defeating habits do you see in a lot of men out there?

"Most of us lack confidence, men and women. It's a world filled with kids having kids. Confidence isn't being taught because these young adults don't know anything about it, much less how to teach it or lead by example. We need to spend much more time focusing on ourselves before we even consider having children. That's why I was lost and that's why most of the planet is. I truly believe all people are good, but most of us teach and bestow fear because few of us figure out how to properly communicate love. It's a world filled with cheap laughs and ignorance."

What do you think keeps a lot of people from reaching their full potential as people?

"Besides having children at a young age and prescription drugs, it is a lack of reflection and self-discovery. Even if you have 'good' parents teaching you how to be 'good', it isn't good enough. We're all good, but we're capable of being much more. Most people are plugged into our desensitizing system and are never able to challenge themselves to really spread their wings. Most of our conventional and traditional wisdom is ignorant bullshit. We're taught we can't be great because some people are 'special'. Nobody is born special; we all have the same brain and opportunities and few of us realize this and truly believe it."

What about your fame for being featured on the show "Gigolos" has surprised you the most?

"I'm grateful, more than anything, that we decided to take a light and comedic approach to the show. They clown the fuck out of us, and besides the purposeful humiliation, I'm glad it makes people laugh. I'm definitely surprised by how often I get recognized and the awesome support and feedback from everyone. I thought there would maybe be a little more animosity, but I have encountered absolutely none."

A lot of men covet what you do for a living. Should they, in your view? Why or why not?

"Damn right they should. I have an amazing life but I've worked my ass off to get here. I think they may covet what I do a little less if they knew just how on point you need to be, and how many areas of life you must kick ass in to be successful at gigoloing. When I was that lost 25-year-old, I wouldn't have lasted for more than two bookings. The drop out rate is higher than the Navy Seals. Most men can't stimulate or satisfy your typical 'put-together' woman, much less a successful woman or one who hasn't found her way or struggles with confidence issues. I'm ecstatic that I made the cut because being a gigolo gave me purpose. I love what I do and I will do it forever as long as I'm healthy for my clients."

Congrats on releasing your new single - the cover of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball!" What about the song inspired you to give it your own spin?

"Thank you! It's a monster and I gave it justice. It's a song that always spoke to me, and I used to think I wasn't 'good enough' to sing or perform it. This last year, I said 'fuck that, it's on'. I almost hired someone to sing the chorus to my last track, 'I Can Take A Punch', because it's extremely difficult, but I sucked it up and practiced my ass off until I could hit and hold every note. I did the same with 'Wrecking Ball'. I even went to a higher register in the third verse and added a rap verse. None of us operate at our full potential or are happy as we could be unless we push and challenge ourselves and like drawing, writing, being creative, being confident and focusing, anyone can master singing."

What did you enjoy most about the process of writing your book?

"It was some work, yo! Shit! I've read every self-help book and study I could get my hands on to help put together the pieces to this puzzle. I constantly interview others and do my own experimentations on myself but it paid off already! I'm filled with life changing information that I'm able to effectively communicate, and besides all the people it's going to help, I developed and evolved more over the last couple years than any other part of my life, and I've been pushing myself for a long time. I also took a trip to Eastern Europe and spent over 90 hours on trains and planes writing. Switzerland and the Swiss Alps were a highlight. I put thousands of hours into just the writing part of this book."

What else is coming up for you?

"It still looks like we will be filming at least more season of 'Gigolos'. I'm currently deciding between continuing with entertainment or going full-time for my Psychology PhD. I'm at another monster crossroads in my life. The biggest one was either sticking with acting full-time or doing 'Gigolos'. I may do a highbred act of music, comedy and motivation or a variety show. I also received my Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt this year after winning the Pan Championship. I'm competing in the IBJJF World's in December in Anaheim and I'm entertaining contracts for my first professional fight. I'm also in talks about a music tour and some bigger performances. I may play a consistent gig on Fremont Street in Vegas as well. I was always told not to be a jack of all trades, but I worked my ass off in each of the trades, and now I'm able to peruse any or all of them. I'm glad I didn't just focus on one because they all help each other."

Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Nick Hawk's 100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential" and my music is available at my website and Amazon. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates and inspiration. I also love hearing other people's stories and theories, and I love to be challenged."

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