Chanel Preston Reunites With Her Ex For Some Sexy Nuru Over at Fantasy Massage

October 20, 2017 | Posted in Hardcore by alice-wyke

Ex Sex!

Sexy superstar Chanel Preston is showering away when her ex-boyfriend Marcus London arrives to try to pick up a DVD box set about the history of ancient Rome that he accidentally left there in their new scene together over at Fantasy Massage directed by Billy Visual.

She has no idea where his DVDs are, unfortunately. Bummer! He notices the inflatable mattress and asks her about it, thinking she has been having a guest but she explains to him that it is just her nuru massage mattress and that she has been learning to do nuru massage, He definitely wants to receive what she can give him there and after he gets a relaxing bubble bath, she brings him on to that mattress so she can rub the nuru seaweed gel all over him. The breakup and the search for the DVDs disappear in favor of a lusty vag fuck. Yay!

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