Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin Give Us a Tease

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We're back... #glownetflix #season2

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How Much More Nudity Will Be in Season 2?

By now we've all watched the first season of the Netflix original series GLOW (2017), perhaps you've even watched it twice and are currently working your way through a third viewing because you just can't get enough of those gorgeous ladies. Or, that could just be me. If you haven't yet dived back in, then perhaps this sexy Alison Brie Instagram post of her and Betty Gilpin will get your ready to rumble.

Yes, Alison Brie took to Instagram to let us know that GLOW season 2 is underway and I can't tell you how freaking excited I am about it. Well, actually, I can... I'M REALLY FREAKING EXCITED. Yeah, that did it. I have to be honest, I'm really hopeful that we'll not only get more Alison Brie nudity, but Betty Gilpin will join in the topless fun as well. And yes, there is a part of me, and probably a part of you two, that would love nothing more than a group shower scene. I'd probably collapse on the floor and be down for the count if that happened, but a minor concussion would totally be worth it. Will it happen, who knows? One can hope though.

For sure there will more Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Kate Nash, Sydelle Noel, and all the rest in sexy outfits. There will be plenty of cleavage and tights and good old fashion lady wrestling fun.


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