Shannon Blake Delivers Nude Hollywood News Over at Naked News

October 18, 2017 | Posted in Sponsored by alice-wyke

Shannon Serves It Up!

Sexy Naked News anchorwoman Shannon Blake delivers some lovely Hollywood nude sighting info courtesy of the fine folks at Mr Skin in this fun nude briefing! The vision of beautiful actress Kate Hudson's bare ass cheeks in "The Killer Inside Me" gets put before our very eyes and wow, she has a fine, fine butt indeed! Check out the bounce when she gets spanked. Redheaded Brit beauty Rebecca Hall strips down for a bath in the HBO mini-series "Parade's End" and my basement definitely flooded watching that.

Blake removes her bra (yes!) while chatting up the naked work of Ruby Modine on the Showtime series "Shameless". The huge orgy scene in the Italian crime drama series "Suburra" gets love and affection from Blake as her panties become a thing of the past (woohoo!) and from there, it is all about the naked photo shoots and lovely naked spreads that have been in featured in many of the magazines out there that many of you all know and love dearly. Watch all of this and much more over at Naked News now!

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