Five Reasons Why I Loved "Condoms Are For Pussies", by Charlotte Sartre

October 19, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Charlotte Is The Coolest!

Goth hottie Charlotte Sartre stars in Fist Pump Films' "Condoms Are For Pussies" directed by Jonny Gash, a feature that imagines what porn would look like if the AIDS Healthcare Foundation had their agenda come to fruition and all of their desired precautions were required on every porn set. Sartre does her very first double anal scene here. Delightful!

"I really enjoyed working with Donnie Rock, Robby Echo and Angel Smalls."
"I liked that for the scene, my hair was teased to the sky. It felt very 80s bat cave goth."
"I loved the makeup I got to wear in the scene. It was very unique as is the makeup for all Fist Pump Films productions."
"It was really exciting that we got to wear these bizarre plastic suits and rubber gloves for the beginning of the scene. As a child I wanted to be a hazmat removal worker and often daydreamed about a future wearing those baggy, sweaty plastic suits. Ultimately, I chose a different career path but the hazmat suit still found me in the most unexpected way."
"Needless to say, I’m a seasoned double anal queen now and this was the tipping point for me. I can’t be satisfied by just one dick in my ass anymore."

All of the images here appear courtesy of Fist Pump Films. Follow Sartre on Twitter to keep up with all of her very sexy porn star doings and click right here to go watch "Condoms Are For Pussies" right now!

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