Checking in with "My Killer Girlfriend" Star Carmen Caliente

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Killer Carmen!

Gorgeous Latina porn star Carmen Caliente is back from a two-year break from performing and she has the lead role in Burning Angel's new creepy, murderous feature, "My Killer Girlfriend", directed by AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Angel. There is not a better Halloween porno choice this year. Check this movie out!

Congrats on being cast in the lead in this Burning Angel feature? What was it like learning that you landed this role?

"I learned that I like killing people. :) Just kidding! I learned that I love how eccentric Joanna and Burning Angel let me and the rest of the cast and the plot be! I also learned to just be a role that I'm obviously not - or am I? ;)"

How was working with Joanna and being directed by her in this?

"Being directed by Joanna was an incredible experience as always. I felt really privileged knowing I was such a big part of this production. She really went all out with special effects and everything just flowed super smooth. Who can tell how long we were there when we're all laughing hysterically the whole time? :)"

Do you enjoy acting? This is something you haven't done as much of in your career as one would think, given your great acting performance in this.

"I do enjoy acting :) especially for Joanna because she always has the best storylines! I do always love funny dialogue or romantic dialogue, but whatever the theme, I like to just really set the character and vibe of the whole scene. While I do love straight gonzo, I think the fans really appreciate being able to see their favorite ho being versatile! :)"

Who inspired your performance in the role? Do you have any favorite movie serial killers/murderers that you drew from for this?

"I actually just pulled my inner serial killer out for this one... so watch out! :)"

What do you love most about the plot?

"Ah, the plot is gold! There are a bunch of things I loved about it. My favorite probably has to be just the absolute gore of it all! I've never been in anything like this with blood and eyeballs everywhere LOL. Just the fact that we were able to have so much fun AND hot sex was just insane. I love how I got laid twice AND I got to kill everyone!? Yeah, that's my favorite part LOL."

What do you think makes this movie special? What performance in it surprised you the most?

"Oh, I love the part where Nikki [Hearts] pretends to be straight in the scene to prove a point to Joanna and I LMAO. That's a fave, for sure. I was surprised I had to turn into that demon thing at the end, but I was totally down for the cause again LOL! Oh and shout out to Ramon [Nomar] for letting me rip his eyeballs out. :)"

Do you have a favorite scene in "My Killer Girlfriend"?

"I've seen them all and it's nearly impossible to say there's a 'best scene' because they were each so incredibly awesome and hilarious in their own way - but as far as my favorite, I've got to say it was when I got Katrina Jade, Small Hands, AND motherfucking Joanna Angel on me all at once! Dreams came true!!! I came a lot too ;) but wow, I was SO excited to fuck all my yummy sexy tatted friends! The energy was so high from everyone and not to mention wrapped up in a pretty epic murder spree and transformation! I think I'm biased on this question cause you can't give me such good pussy and Small Hands and expect me not to be.

A lot of times women aren't seen as being as potentially brutal enough to kill. What would you say to people who make those assumptions?

"I say, the joke is on them. ;) We are fiery, emotional, passionate beings as well as convincing. ;) We totally use sex to kill, duh."

What do you love most about Burning Angel?

"What I love most about Burning Angel is their ability to always step out of the box and keep it fun and sexy while giving 'alternative' models as some would say a home to be their crazy normal selves; but not only that, Burning Angel loves people like myself with less tattoos or probably even some with none! I'm convinced they just like people! Ba ha ha, okay, really hot people of all kinds! :P"

What else is coming up for you?

"What's coming up for Carmen Caliente??? Hmm, good question! Another great part of Joanna giving me this part is that it really helps get me back out there as a performer, as I just came back from a 2-year hiatus LOL. You can expect from me more bangin' scenes as well as maybe a few firsts ;) but I'll keep my plotting secret and spring out of nowhere with a surprise. ;)"

Thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to say for your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Hi guys and probably a few sexy ladies, I appreciate your time in reading how awesome this experience with Burning Angel was for me, and I hope to keep you guys entertained. Go check it out!!! :)"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Burning Angel. Click right here to watch "My Killer Girlfriend" right now! 


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