The LELO SONA Is Sonic Sorcery for Clitoral Stimulation and I Am Here for It

October 20, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway


I really, really, really don't want to bury the lede on this one, so let's get right to it: This clitoral stimulator is powered by SONIC WAVES instead of classic vibrations, and it DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO MAKE PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH YOU TO WORK. It also stimulates the entire clitoral network (because sonic waves, duh) instead of just the nerve endings on your clit. I may be very well-versed in grammar, but I have an ambivalent understanding of sonic waves at best, so watch the above video, please. 

The technology is very important to have a grip on before you start using this thing, because if you're like me, your first thought upon looking at this contraption may be, "Huh, isn't that a lot like the Womanizer?" And hey - I absolutely loved the Womanizer, but that happened a few years ago. And it turns out that no - no, the LELO SONA isn't at all like the Womanizer, which makes it infinitely more fun to play around with. (I repeat: IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO TOUCH YOUR BODY.) 

LELO Sona Cruise Clitoral stimulation

Anyways, my primary interest in a toy like this is two-fold: 

1) This clitoral stimulator stimulates the entire clitoral network. This is huge, because right now, all science is pointing to the clit network for almost all female orgasms, as even the G-spot is most likely the back end of said network. Right now, the exception is the cervix and it's orgasms, but those are infinitely rarer that clitoral, G-spot, and other vaginal orgasms. 

2) The use of sonic waves and pulses makes for a more prolonged orgasm - I always think of an orgasm administered by a traditional vibrator as more of a bolt of lightning, while a longer, deeper build more like the slow roll of thunder. (I'd say I don't mean to get poetic about my orgasms, but I totally do.) 

And if we want to revisit that whole not-touching-your-body part, it's not just cool - it's also useful during sex or anytime you want multiple orgasms. When the clit doesn't come in contact with the toy itself, it doesn't oversensitize  immediately following an orgasm. Neat, huh? 

LELO Sona Cruise Clit Massager

Another added perk: The LELO SONA is super quiet. I didn't believe that claim, because that's what toy producers ALWAYS say, but this one really is - likely because it uses a sonic pad instead of a motor. The more you know! I haven't yet tried the Sona out in the bathtub (nearly all of LELO's toys are completely waterproof), but I'm SO excited. What do sonic waves feel like underwater?! I dunno, but it sounds magical!

An important thing to note here is that the SONA comes in two varieties: The regular, and the Cruise. The Cruise is what I reviewed, and features technology similar to that of cruise control in cars. Many of you have probably experienced that sad sensation when you press a vibrator really hard into your body and the sensations weaken - it's just the dark side of science, and there hasn't been much you can do about it - until now. The Cruise is a clit massager doesn't lose power, and yes, I tested that to make sure it was a real thing too. Eureka! 

LELO Sona Cruise Clit toy

LELO launched the clit toy in an effort to educate the masses more about the clit, too - since so few people know how large the network is and the ways in which it's stimulated. I, of course, am totally behind that, and loved this toy. It's small, quiet, streamlined, and offers totally new sensations that are great solo and with a partner. (And yes - I tested it both ways just to make sure for you guys.)

The LELO SONA Cruise is actually brand new, and they're having an AMAZING limited intro price. If you're one of the innovators to hop on board and try this bad boy (er, girl?) out now for clitoral stimulation, you can snag it for $99 instead of $179. Kind of a ridiculous price decrease, now that I think about it. Snag it while you can, dear Fleshlings! 



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