Emily Ratajkowski Can Be Topless Wherever She Wants

October 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Emily Ratajkowski's Boobs Make Any Space More Beautiful

It's pretty clear that Emily Ratajkowski enjoys being topless. She probably enjoys being topless as much as we enjoy seeing her topless. Typically when we see Emily Ratajkowski it's in a movie or magazine or some video so, odds are even if it's a public place, it's roped off from the public. But after checking out her Instagram account, I'm kind of starting to wonder if Emily Ratajkowski just goes topless wherever she wants.

After all, no one is going to stop her from being topless. She's Emily Ratajkowski, she has some of the finest breasts on the planet and if she wants to take them out in some fancy old building with great architectural features, then damn it, she's going to take out her breasts and walking around some fancy old building with great architectural features. If anything Emily Ratajkowski's breast would add to the overall beauty of any location. I mean, check out the topless Emily Ratajkowski on a pretty plain, ordinary balcony. Isn't that the most beautiful balcony you've ever seen? It's the most beautiful balcony I've ever seen.

Sure, I guess these two Instagram posts could totally be for an upcoming fashion spread or something like that, but wouldn't you like to believe that Emily Ratajkowski could be topless anywhere in the world right at this moment? I know that feeling warms my heart in all kinds of ways.

Merci Marrakech, you are amazing ??

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