Amber Heard Proves She's Always Hot

October 11, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Direct flight from LAX to Gold Coast. Impromptu beachwear, yes ma'am

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Nothing Like Getting the Sexy Proof

We all knew it. We all had that feeling, the one deep down in our very souls. Each and every single one of us declared it a fact long ago that Amber Heard was always hot. Not matter what she was doing, where she was going, or what she was (or wasn't) wearing, she was hot. Still, always nice to get the proof that you were right all along.

I mean, Amber Heard's make-shift beach ensemble is... out there. Yet, she looks sexy as hell in that put-together, spur-of the-moment, this is the only thing I have in my bag outfit. There are only a few in this hot enough to pull off something like that, and thankfully, Amber Heard is one of those people. And of course, when it comes to wearing a super thin white shirt with no bra on underneath, Amber Heard is going to be stunningly beautiful. Doesn't matter if she's standing near a rainbow, a rain cloud, or picture of a pitcher of rainwater - Amber Heard will be sexy. Though, how great would it have been if she had gotten the rainbow to go across her pokies? That would have been pretty cool and very sexy. Still, Amber Heard is hot no matter what.

There we are, we knew it to be true is now proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Amber Heard is always, always hot, no matter what. But, we already knew it that.

To whose eye is never off.....?@NinoMunoz

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