Adriana Chechik Allegedly Assaulted By Fellow Performer Lana Rhoades

October 10, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Adriana Alleges Assault After Nightmoves

AVN Female Performer of the Year Adriana Chechik has alleged that she was assaulted by performer Lana Rhoades following the Nightmoves Awards on Sunday night.

Chechik posted a photo of her own back and neck which had very red and painful looking scratches on it on her Twitter feed with the caption, "I am a honest person and true to myself and fans... yes, it happened ask yourself who has marks and who doesn’t. It’s assault!" She also tweeted, "What you see and believe to be true is not who she is. She has physically harmed me and emotionally caused distress.. @LanaRhoades".

Rhoades was very publicly fired on Monday by her talent agency Los Angeles Direct Models with them saying in a statement, "Direct Models informs interested parties, in light of recent unfortunate events – the agency has ended its representative relationship with the actress ‘Lana Rhoades’."

“We wish Lana the best with her future endeavors. While we have enjoyed working with her we cannot condone her recent behavior,” added Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct Models.

Performer Adria Rae allegedly witnessed the incident and tweeted, "...she [Rhoades] threw a fit saying she deserved editors choice instead of fan choice then tried to fight me and adriana when we tried to calm her."

Performer Megan Rain said this of Rhoades in tweets, "After last night everyone should know that YES @LanaRhoades did attack @adrianachechik after her tempur [sic] tantrum for not winning an award...& YES @LanaRhoades is on drugs. She asked for multiple drugs, including Heroin over the weekend. This is not a rumor, this is the truth. This girl walks around & thinks she's better then all of us. But guess what. Just being pretty, doesn't win you awards. @LanaRhoades & Adriana DID NOT hit back. Lana has not one mark on her. & after all this chaos, she did yet another move for attention because no one was giving her pitty [sic]. That move ended her up in the pshyc [sic] ward....The truth isn't pretty but it's the truth. & All directors and companies and future award shows should all know the way she acted. For someone to attack @adrianachechik because they wanted that award.....what the fuck. We should not tolerate physical violence!!"

Performer Abby Lee Brazil also alleges that Rhoades was jailed over the assault, saying on Twitter, "Y'all decide give awards to bitches who don't fuckin deserve! Now go get her ass out of jail bc she threw a fit for not gettin 1! Cunt. ALL THAT GLITTER AINT [sic] GOLD BITCH @LanaRhoades I wonder how u feel now, on drugs, in jail because u didn't win CRY ME A RIVE [sic] HOE!"

Rhoades has not publicly commented on any of this.

Chechik, we send love your way and hope your injuries heal up quickly.

The image of Chechik above is from her appearance in Lesbian X's "Girl Squirt".


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