Kate Ri's Naked Body Brightens the Darkest Rooms

October 15, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Next Time More Light on a Nude Kate Ri Would Be Nice

There is no way that Kate Ri could be naked in the dark. I'm sure she sleeps with all the lights out at night and all that jazz, but I'm sure with an incredible body like hers, there is no doubt any light in the room will always find her. Kate Ri's naked body will shine through the darkest of rooms.

Look, I'm all for some good art, especially when it involves nudity. There is nothing better than a nude Kate Ri, images of her nude body can cover every wall in every art gallery and museum in the world, but come on man! This is really the first time many of us are getting to see Kate Ri and it would be awesome to see her nude fully light. Yes, we all love the light highlighting her awesome breasts and her amazing rear end, but we would love to see all her, all at once. I guess we'll just have to wait for the next time Kate Ri goes nude. Still, you can't beat getting to see Kate Ri naked in any way you can.

Still, you have to wonder how Kate Ri makes it through the night. She probably has to wear one of those eye masks so she's not constantly woken up by the light hitting her sweet body.

photos by Slawomir Zielinski

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