Where Have You Been, Charlotte McKinney?!

October 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

We Need a Steady Stream of Charlotte McKinney Pics

It just hit me as I was flipping through these few incredible pics of Charlotte McKinney: These are the first new Charlotte McKinney pics I have seen in... I don't know how long. Where have you been, Charlotte McKinney?! Are you mad at us?! Why can't we have new sexy pics of you every week?!

Chills, people, I seriously got chills just thinking about not seeing Charlotte McKinney's sideboob smushed in the sand. That's a terrible thought and I don't want anyone else to think it. Look, I get that everyone needs some time off, you got to get away and leave work behind for a bit, but one should have a nice backlog of sexy pics to make sure our Charlotte McKinney quota doesn't get low. Sure, there is probably some fault to go around. Charlotte McKinney could have done a few photos here and there and I didn't see them. For that, I am truly sorry, and I will totally take responsibility for denying myself and others the chance to see Charlotte McKinney being sexy. As punishment, I will not look at these Charlotte McKinney pics... for one minute. After that minute, I'm totally staring at Charlotte McKinney being sexy.

I don't know what the deal is, why there was a gap in sexy Charlotte McKinney pics, but hopefully things will be back to normal. We'll find ourselves back in that familiar place of seeing Charlotte McKinney being sexy on a regular basis.

photos by Josie Clough

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