Kate Upton Is Back in a Bikini and All Is Right With the World

October 9, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Kate Upton's Cleavage Cures All Ails

Things can get crazy in this mad, mad, mad world, but just when it seems like nothing will ever make sense again, Kate Upton goes and puts on a bikini and all of a sudden everything is beautiful again. Thank you, Kate Upton in a bikini, thank you.

We all have our ups and downs, but there is nothing in the world better at curing the blues than Kate Upton in a bikini. Wait, I'm wrong about that. There is one thing in the world better than Kate Upton in bikini to turn frowns upside down, and that would be Kate Upton in a bikini soaking wet. There is nothing in this world - no ills, no troubles, no hurt - that can't be solved by Kate Upton's cleavage or Kate Upton's sideboob or Kate Upton's underboob. You see, there isn't a bikini in the world that can truly cover all of Kate Upton's giant boobs. Even when she's wearing a bikini, there tends to a touch of everything on display. And that, that fact right there, is why Kate Upton in a bikini, soaking wet, will always bring a smile to the faces of millions.

I have no idea if the people over at Sports Illustrated get that feeling in the pit of their stomachs that can only be cured by seeing Kate Upton's amazing cleavage in a bikini or if they just know that people want to see Kate Upton in a bikini. Either way, works for me.

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