Katharine McPhee's Almost Boob Is Almost the Greatest Thing Ever

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#tbt to taking a breather from last weeks shoot on one of the dirtiest couches ever & couldn't care less. ??by @amyoresman

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Is This the Closest We've Come to Katharine McPhee's Boobs?

There's the old saying, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades!" I've always taken this statement to heart and tried my best to never settle for close enough. But sometimes in life, all you get is close enough, and you know what? When that happens, you take it. So Katharine McPhee's close enough boob is close enough to awesome.

Yes, this old pic she posted on Instagram may not have been the closest to her breasts we've been, but damn, it's pretty damn close. We are probably no more than a few centimeters away from seeing Katharine McPhee's breast and as much as we would all enjoy seeing the full boob, we'll take what we can it. Plus Katharine McPhee has some of the best cleavage around, so it's never a bad thing to get another glimpse at it. Still, each of us is going to have to continue to hope, dream, wish, and pray that one day, one day soon Katharine McPhee will go topless in a movie or television or in some fancy magazine. And on that day we will no longer have to talk about how close we were because we will be there. And by there, I mean seeing Katharine McPhee's boobs.

So, we got close and it doesn't count, but you know what? You can make yourself feel better by staring at Katharine McPhee's cleavage. I know that always cheers me up.

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