Emmanuelle Chriqui's Single Boob Is Perfection

October 5, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Two Is the Best, But One Emmanuelle Chriqui Boob Is Better Than None

One of the best things about boobs is they come in pairs. But sometimes you don't get to see the full pair. Normally that can end up being a real downer, but if the single boob happens to belong to Emmanuelle Chriqui, then that's just about as close to perfection as one can get. That's one hell of a beautiful boob, Emmanuelle Chriqui.

I can't be disappointed, I literally and physically can't bring myself to be upset by the fact we are only seeing a single Emmanuelle Chriqui boob right now. And I feel like I probably should have a little bit of sadness and anger stew boiling in the pit of my stomach at this very moment, but I just feel great. It's not like I don't want to see both of Emmanuelle Chriqui's breasts - they are pretty phenomenal - but if one Emmanuelle Chriqui breast is all we're going to get, then we are going to be happy with one Emmanuelle Chriqui breasts. Honestly, if you can't find a bit of happiness with just one of Emmanuelle Chriqui's breasts then that's totally on you. 

And hey, who says there aren't more pics out there from this Emmanuelle Chriqui no bra, single boob-showing photo spread? There could plenty more with a mix of single boob, cleavage, and maybe even full topless double breasts on full display out there just waiting to be seen. But for one, enjoy the singular perfection of one of Emmanuelle Chriqui's boobs.

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