Checking in with Girlsway's Girl Of The Month For October Penny Pax

October 3, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Penny Is Your Girl Of The Month!

Top porn actress Penny Pax has been named by all-girl sex site Girlsway as their Girl of The Month for this month and I could not agree more with this selection. Pax does a super job in every single lesbian scene I have ever seen her in and I adore her curves and her very filthy smile.  Her "dream pairings" scenes with Chanel Preston and Adria Rae will be up on Girlsway very soon. Here, she shares her thoughts on getting this top girl/girl porn honor.

Congrats on being Girlsway's Girl of the Month for October! How does it feel to be given that honor?

"I feel like now I’m finally officially in the Girlsway family! With them being one of my favorite companies to shoot for, it means a whole lot to me that they feel I deserve the recognition of being Girl Of The Month, not to mention getting the opportunity to cast and write my own dream pairing scenes!"

What do you love most about Girlsway and the Girlsway production staff?

"Everyone on set is so friendly, so welcoming, so chill. That’s what I really enjoy. Sometimes shooting can be stressful enough already and having a crew that’s understanding goes a long way for performers like myself."

What do you think makes Girlsway's scenes special?

"The big difference between shooting for Girlsway and shooting for other companies is that everything is flawless. The casting, the makeup, the camerawork... the sex- it is all flawless. I think it’s special how much time and attention everyone puts into the scenes shot for Girlsway."

What makes a great girl/girl scene in your experience?

"There are a few things that I personally think make a scene amazing. Chemistry is very important, of course, and I don’t know if I’m just lucky or what but every girl I have worked with for Girlsway has been my type. I also love making out; we gotta have compatible kissing techniques and be up for leaving the set all cum drunk on pussy!"

How does being a Girlsway Girl of the Month rank among your porn experiences to date?

"It’s my first girl of the month for anything in porn, ever! I’ve been performing in the adult industry for almost 6 years now and finally someone realized I’m great at having sex with girls!!"

What Girlsway scenes have you enjoyed doing the most so far in your time working for them?

"I gotta say the scenes that I got to cast for my dream pairings! They are super out there but I like that kind of stuff and I loved working with the ladies I got to bone!"


Other than being a Girlsway Girl of the Month, what else would you most like to achieve in your porn career?

"That was a huge bucket list thing for me already to be the Girl Of The Month, but I also want to be more involved on the production side in the future! I would like to make a whole feature written, directed and shot by me...and then of course, win all the awards for it!"

What is coming up for you?

"Besides being Girlsway's Girl Of The Month?? I do have an awesome personal website that I am always shooting for!"

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thanks everyone for your love and support over the last glorious 6 years in the adult industry! Without my fans, I wouldn’t be here!! <3"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Girlsway. Click right here to go watch all of Pax's scene for Girlsway right the heck now! 

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