Fleshbot's Sex Toy Of The Week: Liberator's Pulse

September 29, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

You're Gonna Love This Pulse!

Liberator's Pulse is a total game changer for the way you use a lot of your sex toys. This really solid foam cushion is a sex toy mount. You can use it with any dildo and most handheld non-wand vibrators and if you are a woman who likes to grind while you fuck, the Pulse makes your experience doing that on your favorite toys a breeze. Hands-free toy use is totally within your grasp when you have a Pulse and the low height of it is easy on the knees.

It comes with a washable velvet cover and the Pulse is covered with a moisture-proof liner so squirt away with no fear of damaging or staining it. You can also flip the Pulse over to use it as a bolster that will lift the user's head or hips during a fuck depending on how you use it. I can't emphasize enough how well-made this cushion is and what a fun addition this will be to your bedroom.

You can pick up your very own Pulse from Liberator for $105. in our store by clicking right here!

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