Stoya To Make Her Theatrical Stage Debut in NYC

September 28, 2017 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

See Stoya On Stage!

Retired porn performer/director/producer Stoya will be making her theatrical debut in the play Harakiri Kane (AKA Die! Die Again) at the Brick Theatre in Brooklyn. The play opens on October 28th and closes on November 20th. 

Written by Emmy Award winner Dean Haspiel (best known for his art design work on the HBO TV series "Bored To Death") and directed by Ian W. Hill, the play is described on the play's website as "An existential noir about love, life, death, and the dregs of immortality." It continues saying, "Harry Kane is a reluctant angel of death with amnesia who uncovers the truth of his mortal demise and tries to beat death at its own game only to fall in love with its most prized acolyte [Stoya] before choosing whether to live forever as an immortal specter or die, again, an honest man."

Stoya told AVN, "I feel the need to mention that I am fully clothed throughout the entire play. Just so nobody comes expecting one thing and leaves disappointed."

Pick up tickets to see the play by clicking right here.

The image of Stoya above is from her appearance in Manuel Ferrara Productions/Evil Angel's "Screwing Wall Street: The Arrangement Finders Play".

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