Ashley Tisdale Is Back to Her Lingerie Instagramming Ways

September 26, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Who Hasn't Missed Ashley Tisdale in Lingerie?

For a while there, Ashley Tisdale seemed to go on vacation and all her Instagram posts were of her by the pool in a bikini or her on the beach in a sexy one-piece bathing suit and while those were awesome, I must admit I missed her lingerie Instagram pic ways. Well, it looks like the vacations are over and Ashley Tisdale is posting lingerie pics again.

Well, either that or I've died and gone to heaven. Though, if I'm being honest with you guys (and you know I'm always super honest with you guys), if I was in heaven I would actually hope for more Ashley Tisdale nudity than just cleavage. But I can still feel my heart beating because it's going a mile a minute as I stare longingly at the beautiful sight of Ashley Tisdale in a black bikini. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing Ashley Tisdale in a bikini. That's something we can all look at for hours and hours, days and days. But there is just something about Ashley Tisdale posting sexy lingerie pics on Instagram that I can't get enough off. Don't know why, don't care to find out.

I do hope that this means Ashley Tisdale is just going to be posting lingerie pics for the next couple of months. I know celebrities can take more vacations than the rest of us, but I'm ready for non-stop Ashley Tisdale Instagram posts!


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