"Peaches and Diesel" Is Ripe With Smokin' Hotties

September 30, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Hopefully More Lucy Van Gorder Work Will Come Our Way

A really great photograph will show something that you know, but show something new about it. After flipping through this pic collection called "Peaches & Diesel," it's clear that photographer Lucy Van Gorder has a great eye. Hopefully her talent will propel her forward and there will more pics from her on the way.

Whenever I get the chance to hear about an artist work straight from the artist, I also find it's better to us their words instead of having try to say anything different.

"At 18 I decided I didn't want to be poor anymore, by 19 I was sleeping on a couch in Chicago, working at my first club. I met a lot of girls during this time, some of the toughest, jaded angels. I started photographing them, catching both the rough exterior as well as the unseen softness beneath. The beauty and the ugliness together. Here is a small collection of what I have gathered thus far, focusing on the behind the scenes lives of dancers, cam girls and various girls in the industry."

Well, Lucy Van Gorder, not only are you showing us some of the hottest women in the business, but we are seeing more than just their hotness. This so some really great work. Even if you don't call yourself an art lover, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find one or two pictures that are going to stick with you. And that is how you know someone is a great artist.

photos by Lucy Van Gorder

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