Celine Germain Is the Sexiest Catwoman Ever

October 1, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Me-ow Celine Germain

Now, I feel I should say nothing against Eartha Kitt. She is and always will be my personal favorite Catwoman, but Celine Germain is giving her a run for her money. Seriously, Celine Germain might be a purrrfect Catwoman.

Yeah, I know that was a terrible pun, but damn it, Celine Germain has an amazing body. This lingerie, bondage-ish thing she's wearing is just driving me wild. I really can't help but think of terrible Catwoman puns. I mean, I'm trying to focus on Celine Germain's awesome breasts and Celine Germain's fantastic fanny, but all of sudden I'm picturing her with a whip stealing cat shaped diamonds with Batman hot on her tail. God, could you imagine if they threw a whip into this photo spread? That might be the end of us all. Celine Germain nude with a whip might simply be too much for any of us to handle. Also, if someone could totally get on that, that would be great.

Whether you're getting a Catwoman vibe or something completely different, we can all agree that nude Celine Germain is the cat's pajamas. I think we all find Celine Germain's nude body catnip for the senses. Okay, okay, no more cat puns, just enjoy Celine Germain looking hot.

photos and video by Julien LRVR

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