Your Guide to Navigating the Amazing, Interactive Erotica Site CHYOA

September 15, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

The lifelong bookworms among us often developed their fascination with sex as they stumbled across explosive passages in books. They likely found porn not long after, but so many of us felt the pulsing of arousal from the written word for the first time - an experience that never really leaves us.

Some of you may not have dabbled in the world of erotic fiction quite as extensively, but fear not, dearest Fleshlings. This post is just as much for you as it the bibliophiles like myself. This delve into the deep end of pornographic stories allows you to skip over the cheesy, corny content of many romance novels, is read in more digestible pieces, and oh yeah - it's interactive, meaning you can contribute chapters to the stories along with choosing your own adventure (and even playing games along the way.

For those of you unfamiliar, I'm talking about It's interactive adult fiction, and I love it

At first glance, the site seems easy enough to use: Click on a story that tickles your fancy, search using a keyword you dig, or sort by chapter depth if you want to find the biggest, best stories and choose a theme at random. At the end of every chapter, you'll be prompted to choose what happens next. This is where I recommend signing up for a free account - you'll be able to view the story map, meaning you can get a gauge for the juiciest content. You know, if you're like me and just want to get to the good stuff.  

The beginning of a story map 

You'll also always have the option to add a new chapter at any point in the story, meaning you can start a branch that other people can add to as well. The nature of this means that a story can be added to indefinitely, and many of the ones updated recently were started more than five years ago. Pretty sweet, huh? 

One of the things I love most about erotica is that it takes you to the edges of fantasy and taboo in a way that filmed and photographed content just, well, can't. After you read a couple stories on CHYOA, I think you'll see what I mean. To get you started, here's a variety of what can only be described as indulgent content - and I promise, I've checked it all out, and it's written well.  

Magic Cock Ring

This one is about a cock ring that not only makes your disembodied dick show up wherever you want it to, it also makes the object of your affections completely infatuated with it. It's more interesting than it sounds, I promise. 

Knocked Up Notions

The theme for this story is particularly taboo, but it's one of the site's most popular, proving once again how normal identity-discrepant viewing is. 

The Tower

If the world ended in 2012 and it was taken over by monsters that wanted to create little human-monster hybrids, what would that look like? Yeah, that's what this about. 

A Fantasy Dynasty

A particularly well-written and well-developed story, this sexy story has a Medieval feel to it. 

Hot Chocolate and Throat Fucking - A Free Use Love Story

For those who don't know what "free use" is, this kind of fiction about worlds where men and/or women can be sexually used at will anywhere, anytime, and it's considered both completely normal and desirable for all parties. 

The Attendant Program

Pay for school with sexual favors. 

Bosom Buddies

The friend-zoned guy gets to bang all his hot friends.

Surprisingly, most of the content is written by men. As a woman, it was hard to find scenes of female orgasm particularly realistic, but hey, it's all still very good. It also does a great job breaking down the porn is for men/literotica is for women trope, which I'm always all about. Give the site a peek, and let me know what you think! 

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