Damn, Selena Gomez. Damn.

January 13, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Yes, my friends, here we are again. That old, familiar place. That warm and happy place. That strange and super sexy place where there are no jokes, no puns, no witty banter. Things are just too sexy, too hot, and... damn. All we can do is sit back and stare at the hotness that is Selena Gomez. Damn, Selena Gomez. Damn.

I'm going to say it and I don't need to go out on a limb nor do I need to proclaim that I won't be taking it back - this is the hottest Selena Gomez has ever been. There, I said it. Period. End of sentence. I mean it. I've seen all different kinds of Selena Gomez, and there is just something about this spread that puts all the other sexy Selena Gomez moments to shame. Well, not to shame, you can't shame anything Selena Gomez does because odds are it's super sexy. But, I will say there hasn't been any other picture or video or whatever of Selena Gomez that gave me such pause. I really just sat here, flipping through pictures for what felt like only a matter of seconds to realize I had been staring at Selena Gomez for almost an hour. Damn, Selena Gomez. Damn.

Yes, there will be more sexy Selena Gomez, I know that. There might even come a time when these Selena Gomez is no longer her sexiest. Until that day, I'm keeping these pics close to my heart. Damn, Selena Gomez. Damn.

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