Five Reasons Why I Adore Dredd, by Jillian Janson

September 18, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Jillian Experiences Dredd!

Gorgeous porn star Jillian Janson does a super, compelling anal scene with very well-endowed performer Dredd in Jules Jordan Video's "Dredd 2" directed by legendary director/producer Jules Jordan. I love Dredd's work and Janson definitely loved working with him.

"I've been in the industry for 4 years now and each time I perform in a Jules Jordan production, it has taken me to the next level. In many ways, the man of many talents has brought together a magical multitude of performers to fill out fantasies for not only his mind but many others!"

"That being said, I have exceeded my expectations with the size of cock I can handle in the extent of the past few years. It's interesting that performers can have a "no" list based on the size of someone's penis or punctuality, but when it comes to their personality, that is where their performance is the most practical to me. My list happens to be pretty short. I feel (unless it's a certain situation) that if I ever had a limit on who I should or shouldn't shoot with, I honestly wouldn't have all these incredible opportunities with all these great companies. Therefore, sometimes I may not even bother to look up the name on my call sheet because the surprise factor started having a huge AND positive sexual effect on me!"

"This happened to be one of those days! We were rolling footage for my tease (that you can also find on and then comes in a tall, dark, and handsome Dredd. He sits on the couch and starts watching me."

"The anticipation was killing me. I couldn't resist calling him over when the camera was rolling and instantly started seducing his ENORMOUS shaft. I figured I'd get a head start on him since he happened to be the BIGGEST cock I ever had! I wanted to make sure he was extremely hard for me."

"Instantly he was all lubed up and ready to enter. For the first time, I was not only excited but cautiously curious if his cock could corrupt my tight little asshole. It took time to adjust, but once we got going, it really amazed me at how much I could control myself...side note, I couldn't stop was an amazing scene to add to an INCREDIBLE movie. So I thank YOU, Dredd!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Jules Jordan Video. Follow Janson on Twitter to keep up with all of her porn star doings and click right here to go watch "Dredd 2" right now!

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