Of Course Miley Cyrus Is a Magical Nude Fairy

August 29, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Can Miley Dress Like This for a Show?

Remember when you found out that the tooth fairy wasn't real? Yeah, it was kind of crushing, because you wanted to believe in the magic of fairies who collected teeth for money. And if you were like me, then you always pictured a kind of hot tooth fairy. I could never really put into words what was in my head, but thankfully Miley Cyrus did it for me.

Of course, if you never believed in fairies of any kind, that's totally fine, but you have to admit that it makes perfect sense that Miley Cyrus would be in this ensemble for a book. Hell, one could probably imagine Miley Cyrus dressed like this during a live show for the whole world to see. Great, now that's all I want to see. Any chance Miley Cyrus could do the halftime show at the Super Bowl dressed like this? Probably not, because watching dudes give each other concussions is a family sport (not ragging on football, I totally watch).

You have to admit, if you know that was coming on, you'd totally tune in. I know I'd be there front and center to see Miley Cyrus as a fairy. And that's why we love Miley Cyrus so damn much.

photo by David LaChapelle 

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