GLOW Is Coming Back for Another Round!

August 15, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Let's Hope for Two Alison Brie Topless Episodes

It was no shock to when we all learned that GLOW would make a return to Netflix for a second season. I mean, did you see the show? Did you see Alison Brie get topless? How in the world would that show have not been renewed? The only question really remaining is: Who will get nude in season two?

Of course, I'm hoping that Alison Brie will have another nude scene, maybe in the shower. I know she is showing off her ass in The Little Hours so maybe we get some boobs and some Alison Brie ass. Also, we really do need to see Betty Gilpin topless. That's really something show was really missing in season one. Sure, there was a ton of Betty Gilpin cleavage, but no boobs. That was actually the biggest surprise of season one was that Betty Gilpin kept her leotard on for the entire show. But there was Kate Nash, that was really great. Honestly, I'm not sure who I'm hoping to see nude in season two, maybe Ellen Wong or Sunita Mani? There are some many great options for a nude debut.

No word on when GLOW season two will start streaming, but you need not fear we are going to be keeping our eyes peeled and our ears to the ground. The moment we have dates and rumors, we'll be sure to let everyone know.

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