Time For T-Mobile to Bring Back Carly Foulkes

August 10, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Can You See Me Now?

You've probably noticed that Verzion guy with the glasses is back, but now he's asking "Can you hear me now?" for Sprint or someone else. Since everything old is new again, it's time that T-Mobile brings back Carly Foulkes. Instead of having her dressed in black and pink leather, she should just be nude.

Seriously, why isn't Carly Foulkes a household name? She is hot, like is really hot and apparently she likes to go skinny dipping with other people. Is there a nude Carly Foulkes photo spread out there that we don't know about? Surely she's done more stuff since being the T-Mobile girl. Maybe she can swing over to one of the other carriers and do something like "Oh, T-Mobile was restricting, but now I'm with (insert company here) and I'm free!" At that point the camera would pull back and we'd see Carly Foulkes completely nude jump into a pool. Kind of like what we are seeing here, just with some better lighting and a clearer picture of her nude body.

Maybe Carly Foulkes doesn't want to get back into the spokesperson game. She doesn't have to as long as she can find more places to show off her amazing nude body, I'm totally cool with whatever she does. Oh, and that's actress Nouel Riel who is Carly Foulkes' skinny dipping partner.

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