Yep, That Was a Boob You Just Saw

August 9, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

When Cameras Go Live There's Always a Chance of Flashing

The Sidmouth Folk Festival has been presenting concerts from major artists, inmate shows, storytelling, and folk dancing since 1955. This year this festival got something a little different: a boob flash during the live news report. So, yes, you totally just saw someone's boob as they walked past the camera.

We all know there are many things that could happen when doing a live news report. We've seen reporters get attacked by animals, drunk people, terrible weather, and while all of those make you gasp, the boob flash is something truly rare and unexpected. There is just something about a camera being turned on that makes people want to do crazy things. While I usually make a funny face or say something stupid, there are few times when someone thinks, "You know what? I'm totally going to flash my breast as we walk by that camera." Though, for all we know, it was a dare - and if that was the case, then she knocked that dare out of the park.

Of course, I have to wonder how many people actually noticed the breast in the background. Sure, I saw it right away, but I knew what I was looking for. Wouldn't be surprised if this totally went under the radar for most people.

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