Naked Woman, Leather Chair; Doesn't Get Much Better Than That

August 8, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Angela Brescia Can Really Sit in the Nude

Personally, I hate when I sit in a chair or on a couch or even on the floor and it's warm. I don't mean like normal temperature warm, but warmer than it should be after someone else was sitting there. Yeah, I'm talking about that kind of warm. It really makes my skin crawl, especially if the seat is leather. Though, probably not if I was sitting in the same seat as a nude Angela Brescia. If that was case, that would be awesome.

Now, Angela Brescia nude is pretty darn awesome and you might be curious as to why not everyone is all about her, but that's not actually the case. You see, Angela Brescia was actually named Miss Venice 2013. I have no idea if her talent was sitting in leather chairs while being completely nude or not, but she seems to have mastered that art. Man, I don't know if the fact she already won a beauty pageant disqualifies her from competing in others, but I think we'd all love her to come here and try her hand at something. Or she could just keep modeling and showing off her super sexy nude body.

So, the next time you plop down in a chair and find it warmer than you planned, just close your eyes and picture Angela Brescia nude in that same chair. I promise it will make all your anxieties wash away.

photos by Dean Miocic

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