Satine Nude Will Give You Goose Bumps

August 12, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Could Be Cold, Could Be Satine's Hotness

Cutis anserina or horripilation is the reaction of the skin when the base of the body's hair seems to rise up and create a little bump, hence why they are called goose bumps. We typically get goose bumps when we are scared, cold, or staring at a nude Satine.

I have no idea if they decided to keep the room at a brisk 55 degrees while taking some incredibly sexy pictures of Satine or she's just turned on by her own hotness that's giving herself goose bumps. Honestly, I think either scenario is pretty likely. After all, I'm finding my skin is covered in those bumps as I stare at Satine's really awesome breasts. I'm also experiencing a tingling sensation over my whole body. I don't know the medical term is for that, but I know it's caused by Satine being completely nude. I don't know if maybe I should lay down and see if it passes, but then I won't be able to look at Satine nude on a bed. Honestly, I think gazing at Satine's breasts is worth any risk.

Though, if the temperature was turned way down I do hope they gave Satine a warm blanket and maybe some soup when they were done. Don't want Satine to get a cold or anything, I want her at her best so we can get more nude pictures of her in the very near future.

photos by Fire & Rust

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