Was That Lena Or Rebecca We Saw Nude On "Game Of Thrones"?

August 1, 2017 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

No Matter Who It Was, It Was Awesome

As we were all glued to our TVs last Sunday we got see the return of a nude Cersei Lannister, but the real question is did we see Lena Headey nude or was her body double Rebecca Van Cleave? Let's do a little nude comparison to see if we can figure this mystery out.

Now, before we dive into the evidence it should be noted that whoever it was nude, Lena Headey or Rebecca Van Cleave it was still an awesome scene, from the standpoint of nudity. We can have an endless debate over the context of the scene and the relationship of these characters, but we aren't doing that today. Today is all about figuring out who's boobs and butt we saw. Okay, let's break it down:

Cersei Boobs

Lena Headey in Zipper (2015)

Cersei Butt

Lena Headey in The Broken (2008)

You know, I think it's the body double, I think we might have gotten another peek at Rebecca Van Cleave's awesome nude body. It's the boobs, the boobs give it away. I kind of makes me wish they would give her another part in the show, maybe something small. She's really doing some of the heavy lifting (and by "heavy lifting" I mean all of the nude scenes) for Lena Headey so, she's should get some face time to go along with her nude body time.

Though, it does make one wonder why Lena Headey has no problem with nudity, but uses a body double. It would be interesting to find out why. Still, this was one hell of a great nude scene, no matter who it was. Keep it up, Game of Thrones.

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