Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in "Curves For Days", by Savana Styles

August 1, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Check Out Savana's Curves!

Gorgeous Savana Styles stars in Burning Angel's "Curves For Days 2" directed by AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Angel. Styles gets her ass fucked gloriously well by Markus Dupree in this - don't miss it!


"I was so happy to finally have the occasion to work Joanna Angel. I love her sparkling personality, her marginal style and the fact that she's a real business women. She's a good example to follow for all the female performers of our industry and, she was a great director. She's very easy going but she knows exactly what she wants for her scenes and she also knows how to make you feel before and during the scene."

"I had the occasion to work for the first time with an amazing male performer, Markus Dupree. This Russian guy is so strong; he's the only one who is able to lift me in his arms and fuck me. LOL, and I'm not a lightweight girl. Also, he's very intense and energetic when he performs, exactly like me so we both had a good chemistry, and that’s what I think makes a great scene."

"The outfit! In most of my scenes, I'm the stepmom so I have to wear MILF outfits. I like it but it’s not totally my real style. When my agent sent me the wardrobe request for the scene saying 'dress like a rock star', I said 'YES, that’s ME!' So I went to my room, opened all my suitcases who containing my clothes, jewelry, and shoes....and I spent three hours finding the perfect outfit for this scene. Joanna and everybody on set told me how they liked my outfit and that made me feel so happy and confident."

"The tease - I think it’s the best tease of my career. First, I had a dope outfit and was told to smoke a cigarette. I don't smoke at all, but I did for this scenario and it looked bad ass. LOL We shot a part of the tease outside. It was raining, but it was perfect for adding a dramatic ambiance to my sexy striptease. Then, we went inside and Joanna told me to dance behind the white transparent curtains. If you watch the scene with the amazing editing they made, it’s very hot to only see my silhouette when I dance. In that tease, you can see that wild and intense part of my personality. That’s why I like it so much!"

"It's all anal! For me, doing anal was a big challenge in my career. I rarely did anal sex in my personal life, so performing with a big cock was kind of scary for me. I know I have a big ass, but my anus is super small and tight. Every time I have an anal scene, I need a lot of preparation like dilatation to avoid the pain. Markus is a performer who fucks hard, so I wasn't sure if I could make it for 45 minutes but everything went very well, and I had no pain, only pleasure and it made for a great anal scene. Hope you enjoy that scene!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Burning Angel. Follow Styles on Twitter to keep up with her sexy porn star doings and click right here to pick up "Curves For Days 2" on DVD! 

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