Fleshbot Exclusive: 7 Days of Free PlayboyTV!

July 15, 2017 | Posted in Sponsored by fleshbot

All of the hottest shows on TV, none of the ads

Here at Fleshbot, we're big fans of sexy TV, and we don't just mean porn. We've long been fans of PlayboyTV, thanks to its totally ad-free delivery of more than 40 naked, sex-filled shows that air all day every day. What's not to love? That's why we're so excited to offer a full week of free PlayboyTV with no financial commitment! 

It's not just sex you'll find on this awesome network. There are shows like Badass, where naked, hot women perform incredible stunts like skydiving and four wheeling, and then there's Adult Film School, where you can learn how to make a high-quality sex tape right at home. Triple Play follows couples as they invite a third into the fun, plus Private Selfies shows off watcher-submitted nudes. It's a gold mine of great content! 

There's nothing to lose here, so if any of this strikes your fancy, check out PlayboyTV and see what you think! 

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