Throwback Thursday--Remembering Vivid's "Where The Boys Aren't"

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"Where The Boys Aren't" Was The Cream Of The Girl/Girl Crop

Vivid made nineteen movies in their all-girl series "Where The Boys Aren't" between 1989 and 2008 and wow, every single of them was always an event when it came out. Stores stocked multiple copies, fans always bought or rented the latest one and the girl/girl sex in these was always really good. This series is jam packed full of the day's top porn stars - Tori Welles, Heather Hunter, Francesca Le, Christy Canyon, Amber Lynn, Asia Carrera, Dyanna Lauren, Janine, Chasey Lain, Kobe Tai, Devon, Julia Ann, Briana Banks, Raylene, Jenna Jameson, Savanna Samson, Tera Patrick and a ton more stars all featured in it.

I checked in with Vivid's Vice-President of Production and Licensing Marci Hirsch to get some of the history of this series. Back before I was in the industry at all, I always picked these movies up and the glamor in them always simultaneously aroused and slayed me. They still do, really.

How did the series name itself get created? I've always loved how it makes me think of the 1960 beach movie.  

"Our art director came up with it as a riff on 'Where The Boys Are”' the 1960’s movie starring George Hamilton and Dolores Hart."

The series was directed by Paul Thomas, Toni Brooks, Fred J. Lincoln, Eddie Edwards, Chi Chi LaRue, Ernest Greene and Brad Armstrong. What incarnation of the series was your favorite? What vision of the series do you think really encapsulates why this is such a powerfully loved series? Who do you think got it most right?

"I love the later volumes directed by Chi Chi.  They are creative and inventive and she always made sure each girl got a lot of camera time.  Plus the wardrobe and jewelry were amazing!!!"

The release of a new "Where The Boys Aren't" was always such an event because it was always a lesbian movie with serious, top star power. What type of reaction from fans did you receive directly at Vivid?

"We always got an enthusiastic response from fans which seemed to grow with each movie. We also heard from distributors who loved hearing  that a new volume was going to be released."

The lesbian orgies in this series to me always were the best thing about these movies. Can you share some memories of producing scenes with that many top stars performing in the same scene at once?

"Sometimes it turned into a game of 'can you top this?' which made for an INCREDIBLE scene!

I always thought that how a Vivid Girl performed in an edition of "Where The Boys Aren't" always said a lot about the kind of performer she was. Who do you think really made themselves a lot bigger star by how their scenes in "Where The Boys Aren't" were?

"Most of the girls were already stars, so the newer girls followed what the other girls were doing and put their own spin on it."

What is the top selling edition of the series of all time? Why do you think that edition speaks to the fans so much?

"I checked the sales figures and they were remarkably close to each other so there really isn’t one best selling edition."

What were the biggest challenges of shooting lesbian movies with casts filled with that many contract stars/top stars at once?

"Either all the girls were going to be great or all the girls were going to be difficult.  Not knowing from day to day was very challenging.  Also, getting  8-12 girls in and out of makeup proved to be a huge challenge."

What do you love most about the series overall?

"I love the fact that this was the only time all of the Vivid contract stars would be in the same movie and each movie had different girls since we shot the later volumes every 2 years.  Also, the creativity and beauty of the later volumes was really special."

If there were to be a "Where The Boys Aren't 20" and you could cast any Vivid Girl from any point in time in it, who  would you choose and why?

"No question that I would cast all of the Vivid contract stars again."

Is there anything you'd like to say to the "Where The Boys Aren't" fans here at Fleshbot?

"You can see these great 'Where The Boys Aren't' scenes from all 19 volumes on"

All of the images and video featured here appear courtesy of Vivid. You can watch some of the movies from the "Where The Boys Aren't" series over in our online store or you can -and should- go watch them all over at Vivid's website.

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